Augusto Vidal

The Prince-Bishop of New Orleans, Clan Ventrue Priscus


Well dressed and well met, as befits a prominent member of the Ventrue clan, Vidal poises himself with an air of silent, heavy authority.


Augusto Vidal has ruled New Orleans for two and a half centuries now, and his rule has made New Orleans one of the most stable examples of Kindred society in the New World. He has always been exceptionally hard on the Nosferatu and Gangrel clans, and especially on the Circle of the Crone. While relations between Vidal’s court and the Crones have always been strained, of late (past few decades) they have become downright tyrannical. Vidal has been seen less and less and rumor has it that he may be voluntarily entering Torpor soon.

Augusto Vidal

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