Sebastian Paige

Ex Mafia Errand Boy, Guardian of The Ordo Dracul


Sebastian is not your normal Haunt. He’s not bad looking, but there’s something about his eyes that really put you on edge. It’s like they can see you, but you can’t see any life in them. He reeks of death too.

He’s normally well dressed in a suit and tie. His neck and hand tattoos betray his past through his buttoned up attire. He speaks in a voice that sounds like it’s coming from someone who’s been smoking two packs a day. He no longer smokes, but he still carries a lighter.

He has a bad habit of fiddling with his switchblade when he’s bored.


Sebastian is a former mafia courier. He spent ten years, from about 16 to the time he was embraced, delivering everything from stolen goods to “messages” to and from mafia connections. He’s a New York City native, grew up close to the streets, though never strictly “on” them. He was embraced by a sewer rat that watched him for weeks as he ran errands for a mob boss in the bronx. The embrace was not a pleasant one, not something that he wanted, and it forced a sudden halt in his crime life. For a while his sire (a member of The Order) mentored him, but then things started to get a little hot in the NYC crime scene so his sire contacted someone in New Orleans to seek refuge. Sebastian knows hardly anything about the city or the political landscape, he’s only been there a few months, and he tries to stay out of politics, but he’s sure that he’ll find a use for his talents.

Sebastian Paige

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