Cleavon "Shep" Jennings

Voice of the Unbound


Shep Jennings is a large, black man with a long face and full lips. He was Embraced with what would be considered an astoundingly unstylish hairdo today, so the first thing he usually does upon waking each night is to shave his head bald. (He thinks going bald makes him look more imposing, anyway.)


The so-called “voice of the unbound” in New Orleans is not quite as loud, articulate, or effective as the man to whom it belongs would like it to be. Ever since the late 1960s, Cleavon Jennings (known rather mystifyingly as “Shep”) has strived to bring equality and enfranchisement to the unaligned Kindred of what he feels has become Augusto Vidal’s private religious sanctum. For the first thirty-odd years of this campaign, however, any gains made toward this goal were either too miniscule or too temporary to have much impact in the long run. Before long, the oppressive weight of the Lancea Sanctum’s influence would inevitably bear down, crushing what few advances Jennings had achieved.

Cleavon "Shep" Jennings

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