Coco Duquette

Primogen Council Member


Long, straight blonde hair and blue eyes on top of her pale skin make Coco Duquette a deathly beauty. She is well spoken, if a little too earnest to compete with her elders.


Coco Duquette is one of only two elders to make a haven in Mid-City (along with Miss Opal.) There, the two work to do more to help the neonates of the city more than anyone would think that they would care to. Coco Duquette is known to be a loyal supporter of Vidal, which she claims is merely a matter of practicality. Deposing him, she reasons, would not be good for the city in the long run. No one can doubt her fervor for the Carthian cause, her dogged pursual of which is likely what drove Vidal to appoint her the position of Primogen in the first place.

Coco Duquette

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