Desirae Wells


Desirae Wells is an attractive, young African American girl with short, black hair and a round, pleasant face. Her voice is soft, but capable of carrying over great distances with little difficulty, and people often wonder where they’ve seen or heard her before after listening to her speak. She dresses in popular fashions, but has a tendency to modify her attire subtly (with accessories and the like), depending on who she is going to meet or in whose territory she’ll be traveling.


For an unaligned neonate with no political clout to speak of, Desirae Wells has certainly carved out a niche for herself in New Orleans. She serves as emissary on behalf of Shep Jennings, who himself claims to speak for all the city’s unaligned. And in this capacity, Desirae’s presence has become a familiar one—and more importantly, a universally accepted one—in Kindred circles. Both Vidal and Savoy have given her leave to frequent their respective territories, and, given Jennings’ ongoing (if shaky) acquaintanceship with Baron Cimitiere, Desirae is no stranger to the remainder of the city either.

Desirae Wells

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