Doctor Ephraim "Doc" Xola

The Black Bokor


Doc Xola is a stocky Caucasian man with broad shoulders and a thick, full beard. Although he is actually well over six feet in height, he walks with a slight stoop that makes him appear a bit shorter than he is. When he speaks, which isn’t very often, he does so in an impossibly low voice like the sound of distant thunder.


Every one of the Kindred may be Damned, but Dr. Xola is truly a monster. He carries the title “doctor” as both a medical and vodoun title, and is equally skilled in matters anatomical and mystical. Dr. Xola focuses his worship on the Rada loa, a relatively dark and destructive— though not “evil” per se—family of spirits. He is an unpleasant individual to be around, arrogant and bullying, and were it not for the fact that he is a devoted servant of Baron Cimitiere, with all the protections that implies, it’s entirely likely Dr. Xola would have been slain by now. As things stand, most younger Kindred (and some elder ones) are terrified of him, and those with the power to actually do something about him are not quite sufficiently pissed off to do so.

Doctor Ephraim "Doc" Xola

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