Sherrif of New Orleans


At first glance, the Sheriff of New Orleans seems more suited to hosting wine tastings or gallery openings than enforcing the edicts of a vampiric domain. Upon closer scrutiny, the source of his notoriety grows quickly apparent—but not due to any substantial physical presence. Donovan is a Caucasian man of average build, clean shaven, who keeps his short black hair combed neat and slick against his scalp. He’s even a bit short, standing only a hair over 5’9” tall. No, what makes the Sheriff an imposing figure is his gaze: Donovan’s inscrutable eyes are the color of troubled skies, and they seem to pierce through to the very soul of whoever looks into them. Even other Kindred find it hard to hold his gaze.


By all appearances, Donovan is truly the prodigal son of Vidal’s New Orleans. Chillingly poised and refined, the Sanctified Daeva has almost as severe a reputation as the Prince himself, at least among city residents. Popular rumor tells that he was the orphaned child of a civil war soldier, and that Antoine Savoy brought him into the Requiem as a means of influencing certain critical aspects of the city’s post-war effort during Reconstruction. What is perhaps the greater mystery, at least in Kindred social circles, is what sent Donovan from Savoy’s side to the court of his sire’s worst enemy. Only the Prince, his Seneschal and Savoy know what really happened, and none of them speak of it openly.


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