Gus "Gutterball" Elgin

Master of Elysium


A burly, bald man sporting practical attire and a hideous tissue growth across the right side of his skull.


Much as the servants of the rich and famous, the Master of Elysium often seems to be invisible even without his mastery of the Obfuscate Discipline. Although every member of Vidal’s court comes to him at one time or another, to arrange or confirm social plans, and although he announces visitors to Vidal’s court and stands ready to deal with any problems that may arise at Elysium, very few Kindred really acknowledge his presence when they do not have a pressing need for him. He might as well be part of the scenery once court has assembled or the party has begun—and Elgin would have it no other way.

Gus "Gutterball" Elgin

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