Josue Vendredi


Josue Vendredi seems to be a living work of art, though he is as dead inside as his sire’s unbeating heart. He stands just under six feet tall, with a nearly perfect physique and soft, almost feminine features. He is one of the most striking African American men most have ever seen, and he often turns both male and female heads as he walks. But his beauty is only a mirage, an optical illusion that fades the longer one is in his presence. Those who interact with him for any length of time begin to grow uneasy, though they cannot readily identify the source of their discomfort. If pressed to name it, most would describe it as being in the presence of something truly sad, like the stink of failure or unrequited love.


An unusual Nosferatu, Josue Vendredi’s Embrace has only seemed to make the young man more beautiful than he was in mortal life. Josue faithfully serves his sire, Baron Cimitierre. Rumor has it, however, that the Baron is not entirely satisfied with his progeny.

Josue Vendredi

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