Lidia Kendall


Lidia Kendall appears to be a young black woman, no older than 16. Appearances are deceiving, and her looks hide a mind far older.


The right hand of Baron Cimitiere finds herself growing more and more lost with every night that passes. Until recently, she informally ruled the few local members of the Ordo Dracul. She held no formal rank in the order, but, as the eldest of them, she wielded them as an extension of the Baron’s will. Few are more skilled at digging up eldritch secrets or understanding the interplay of various magical forces; and, in Cimitiere’s name, Kendall had the Dragons digging into all such matters in the city of New Orleans.

No longer. Less than five years ago, a new Dragon appeared in New Orleans, a hooded figure who bears the rank of Kogaion within the Ordo Dracul. Whom he may be or where he comes from, even Kendall and the other Dragons do not know. He knows all the rites, however, and all the proper lore to prove that he is what he claims to be. Not only has Kendall lost her sway over the local members of the Ordo Dracul, she is now feeling pressure to declare her loyalty to either Cimitiere or the Dragons, rather than hovering between both as she has done.

Lidia Kendall

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