Miss Opal

Primogen Council Member, Clan Nosferatu Priscus


Miss Opal is corpulent. At first, this is easily the most distinguishable characteristic of the elder Nosferatu. While not very tall (standing at maybe 5’7",) the undead woman must easily weigh somewhere in the ballpark of 300lbs.

However, almost as memorable is her obvious caring for the city’s neonates, and her clan mates. While she may be grossly overweight, her smile is one of the few smiles possessed by a New Orleans elder that is not immediately unnerving.


Among the city’s neonates, Miss Opal is often regarded as the most “accessible” of the domain’s luminaries. The Nosferatu’s dedication to the Carthian cause has won her numerous supporters, and she strives to encourage the impression that any resident Kindred (especially a fellow Carthian) can come to her whenever legitimate need arises. Since awakening from torpor, Miss Opal has worked with a renewed vigor the likes of which even she hasn’t seen in herself in decades. Her first step, refusing the added title of Priscus, was an important one. Not only did it pave the way for better relations with Baron Cimitiere, the clan’s true elder in New Orleans, for whom she holds great respect, but it showed the rest of the Kindred how dedicated she really was to her responsibilities as one of Vidal’s Primogen. She is also known for her vast bulk, her particular brand of manifesting of her clan’s curse.

Miss Opal

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