Natasha Preston


The overall presence of the French Quarter “Seneschal” provides a stark (and entirely intentional) contrast to Savoy’s own demeanor. Whereas Savoy is cordial and approachable, always ready with a grin or bit of Southern wit, his right-hand woman is no-nonsense from head to toe.


Many of the Kindred involved in the politics of New Orleans have begun to wonder if Preston’s loyalty to Antoine Savoy will survive much longer. The Ventrue has been the French Quarter lord’s Seneschal for many years, and, until recently, she seemed to back him in every way imaginable. Since Vidal’s reign has grown harsher in the past few years, however, Preston seems to have drifted away from Savoy in her notions of what sorts of actions are appropriate. Preston, who rarely grows emotionally agitated over anything, clearly believes that Savoy is not taking sufficient action to take advantage of Vidal’s new attitudes. Savoy is not, she believes, aggressive enough in courting allies, in converting Vidal’s own followers in the face of the Prince’s behavior. Even more surprisingly, she has spoken out against Vidal at various Elysium gatherings, not only in Savoy’s territories but also in Vidal’s own. She says things even Savoy seems hesitant to utter directly, accusing Vidal of all manner of crimes against Kindred society and entreating others among the Damned to turn against him. She has also argued over this matter with Savoy, loudly and in public, even forcing the French Quarter lord to order her to leave more than one official function. Formally, she still serves him as Seneschal, and they appear quite able to work together on other matters. Informally, even those nearest Savoy wonder how long it will be before Preston finds herself replaced.

Natasha Preston

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