Nathaniel Blanch

Hierophant, Clan Gangrel Priscus


Nathaniel Blanch dresses like a practical man who doesn’t want to be bothered. Weather resistant clothes, when appropriate, and nothing flashy. His long hair and somewhat unkempt beard portray him as a man unconcerned by social niceties.


One of the most powerful Kindred in the city is also one of the most private, making Baron Cimitiere seem sociable by comparison. As the Hierophant of the local Circle of the Crone, Nathaniel Blanch is most often preoccupied with matters of covenant, spirit or both, and has little time for the political games played by his fellow Kindred. Some Kindred know of him, as he is an elder of the city, and he does make the occasional appearance at select Kindred gatherings, but this is done more out of respect for the local Prince than out of any real desire to attend.

Nathaniel Blanch

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