Pearl Chastain

Primogen Council Member, Invictus Inner Circle, Clan Daeva Priscus


Pearl Chastain may not have been born and raised in the bayou, but over the centuries she has become a proper southern belle. Indeed, she has been around long enough to have had a hand in creating the stereotype. Though the many decades weigh her down, she nevertheless carries herself with an air of rugged dignity and a rapaciousness for life that one might expect of so long a resident of the city in the swamps.


Pearl Chastain is perhaps the only Kindred who has been in New Orleans longer than Prince Vidal. Everybody knows that Chastain willingly stepped aside over 200 years ago and passively allowed Vidal to claim the title of Prince, even though she had an even greater claim on the domain than he (or anyone else.) She has put a lot of effort over the centuries into making New Orleans a pleasant place to live (and profiting from her efforts, naturally.) Pearl Chastain is, by all appearances, content to rest on her laurels and enjoy her good fortune.

Pearl Chastain

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