Peter Lebeaux


An air of quiet occlusion surrounds Peter Lebeaux, allowing the natural tendency of someone’s gaze to pass over him without notice. When he speaks, his voice carries the firm and commanding tone typical of a law enforcement officer, but unless he is specifically and intentionally making his presence felt, he seems to sort of fade into the background, content to let things transpire around him rather than because of him. Physically, Lebeaux is a short but well-built Caucasian, nearly stocky, with a square jaw line and a full but well-maintained moustache.


Lebeaux shoulders a remarkable number of responsibilities and ambitions for so young a vampire. The NOPD homicide detective has experienced the Requiem for less than a decade. Supposedly the childe of Coco Duquette (though neither Lebeaux nor Preston have ever confirmed this long-standing rumor), Lebeaux is a faithful servant of Antoine Savoy not because of any “familiar” ties, but because he truly believes in Savoy’s cause. Lebeaux despises what he has seen of Vidal’s reign, and while he does not harbor Savoy’s hatred of Baron Cimitiere, he does not believe the Nosferatu houngan is a viable alternative Prince.

Peter Lebeaux

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