Pierpont McGinn

Invictus Inner Circle


Pierpont McGinn is a tall, steel-jawed Southern man with dirty-blond hair and chalky-blue eyes. He dresses in light-colored suits that accent what he likes to think of as his “perfection of breeding,” and is rarely seen in public without his favorite affection—a fine Southern cigar—nestled between two white fingers.


Pierpont McGinn is, in Kindred terms, a traditionalist. That is, he absolutely believes that the Invictus should rule every Kindred domain, that the Ventrue should rule the Invictus, that the Inner Circle should rule the Ventrue, and that, at least in New Orleans, he should rule the Inner Circle. Constantly frustrated that he is not even part of the Primogen, let alone Prince, McGinn schemes to advance his cause regardless of which way the winds of chance may blow the factional warfare in the Big Easy.

Pierpont McGinn

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