Reynaldo Gui


Reynaldo Gui appears as a tall, attractive young man with a thin frame and sparkling brown eyes. His dark hair has a slight wave to it, and it hangs down to the top of his shoulders. Gui’s skin is dark, especially for a vampire, and he often wears his button-down shirts with the top buttons left undone, to better accentuate his model good looks. Always quick with a smile or laugh, Gui’s is the first face to greet most of Savoy’s visitors, and he likes to put them right at ease.


Savoy’s effusively dubbed “Master of Elysium” (note: NOT to be confused with the city’s actual Master of Elysium; Savoy has no real power to grant this title) is only a neonate in the strictest definition of the term. True, he’s been a vampire for only fourteen years, but in terms of total age, he is even older than several of New Orleans’ ancillae. From the height of Prohibition up until his Embrace, the Daeva was a ghoul for a gangland-affiliated Kindred in the city of Chicago. He has served this Kindred for many decades, and considers his Embrace less of a “reward” for services rendered, and more of a simple evolution or promotion—not entirely unlike a young Mafioso finally becoming “made.”

Reynaldo Gui

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