The Afterhours King


Despite his rather normal appearance (for a Nosferatu,) and his well-known status as the owner and king of the New Orleans nightlife, Sundown doesn’t actually like talking to people. Mysterious and aloof, those who do talk to him (as happens frequently enough) often come away wondering why he seems so determined to have such a social role in his requiem.


For a self-proclaimed “apolitical resident,” the Kindred known as the Afterhours King has grown to become a veritable lynchpin of the political climate of the city tonight. As New Orleans’ most distinguished Harpy, Sundown holds great influence over the hearts and minds of the city’s Kindred, despite having neither official political power nor even official political affiliation. Indeed, it is this last distinction— the fact that Sundown claims no side in either the factional struggle nor its attendant covenental dispute— that gives the Nosferatu the bulk of his political leverage.

The remainder of Sundown’s power comes from the fact that his chosen field of business, his near-stranglehold on the independent nightlife of New Orleans, has put him in a position where he can and does cater to members of all walks of unlife. Indeed, the savvy Kindred socialite plays frequent host to all three major power players as well as their followers, retainers and entourages. His “Kindred-friendly” clubs are the talk of the town (in Kindred circles, anyway)and have been for many years. What started as an enterprising attempt to capitalize on the backlash against Prohibition has turned into a veritable empire for Sundown. Indeed, the Afterhours King is widely regarded as a prime example of what a Kindred can accomplish with the long years afforded him by his Curse.


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