Tag: unaligned


  • Sundown

    For a self-proclaimed “apolitical resident,” the Kindred known as the Afterhours King has grown to become a veritable lynchpin of the political climate of the city tonight. As New Orleans’ most distinguished Harpy, Sundown holds great influence over the …

  • Cleavon "Shep" Jennings

    The so-called “voice of the unbound” in New Orleans is not quite as loud, articulate, or effective as the man to whom it belongs would like it to be. Ever since the late 1960s, Cleavon Jennings (known rather mystifyingly as “Shep”) has strived to bring …

  • Carter Landry

    The Mekhet Carter Landry is a newcomer to New Orleans, and a relative newcomer to the Requiem itself (he has been a vampire for less than thirty years.) Seemingly uninterested in politics, by all appearances Landry is intent just to get by.

  • Desirae Wells

    For an unaligned neonate with no political clout to speak of, Desirae Wells has certainly carved out a niche for herself in New Orleans. She serves as emissary on behalf of Shep Jennings, who himself claims to speak for all the city’s unaligned. And in …