Antoine Savoy

Lord of the French Quarter


Savoy is typically dressed to impress, choosing to emphasize both his status as an influential man as well as his down-to-earth sensibilities. From his demeanor, it is clear that he believes that he could smooth talk his way into getting the upper hand over the devil himself. He may be right.


Antoine Savoy claims to have come to the city around the year 1720, with the initial wave of Kindred immigrants, but few other than his most ardent supporters believe him. At some point near the turn of the 20th century, Savoy rose to prominence by claiming rights to the French Quarter (whose previous claimant, a pedophile, was slain by an angry crowd of vodouisants.) Savoy claims to be an elder. Savoy claims to practice vodou (despite being a member of the Lancea Sanctum.) He talks a good game, espousing freedom and equality for those who find themselves among persecuted minority classes, both Kindred and mundane. He is eminently charming, seemingly closer to the “common man.” To this date, Vidal has never acknowledged Savoy’s claim to the French Quarter, but neither has he ever been able to oust the Daeva.

Antoine Savoy

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