Caitlin Meadows

The Unleashed Hound


Combat boots, thick denim pants, and a durable all-weather coat mark Caitlin as a woman who is ready for anything. She possesses a focus and intensity that many find unnerving, though she seems to be able to turn it off and become quite charming at the drop of a hat.


Meadows is quite possibly the most feared Kindred criminal in New Orleans who isn’t actually wanted for anything. Everyone knows that the former Hound has gone rogue, abandoning her direct service to Vidal for something a bit more violent. She is reportedly responsible for attacks on several major Kindred, and a small handful of less notable vampires have disappeared in the months since she went rogue. Yet Vidal has not yet called a blood hunt on her, or leveled any other sort of punishment against her. In fact, Meadows still appears at the occasional Elysium, engaged in polite conversation with many of Vidal’s court. Many Kindred believe that she still serves as the Prince’s weapon against those who would oppose him, and that her desertion was a front designed to grant Vidal plausible deniability when she violates his own laws on his behalf.

Caitlin Meadows

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