The Black Spiral

Chapter Two


Scene One

One month later.

The Krewe awakens on a Saturday night. Valerie is up first, as usual, and hard at work cataloging the results of some experiments she had been running on the Kindred condition. August informs everyone that business has picked up substantially, and they spend the first part of their evening ordering body armor online. They want to be careful after having been attacked by what appeared to be Antoine Savoy’s cronies the month prior.

Scene Two

Soon they set out to feed. Valerie and August find a frat party to crash, and soon enough are well fed in the midst of the drunken festivities. Solomon unsuccessfully tries his luck on lone students stumbling their way home. Sebastian, being more the brute force type, is unable to successfully find anyone to feed on. He shows up to the party late, and August is generous enough with his own catch to share.

Scene Three

Returning to their haven for the night, the Krewe begins discussing what to do next when they hear something small clamoring around in the heating ducts. They ready themselves for some sort of confrontation. Momentarily, a large rat climbs out of the vent and scurries its way towards Solomon. It has a small plastic tube tied to it’s back. Solomon tries to stomp on it, but misses. August closes the vent, giving it no avenue of escape. Running for its life, the rat climbs up Valerie’s leg and into her lab coat.

She carefully unties the tube from the rat’s back and opens it up, revealing a message scrawled on a small piece of paper. The message was simple: an address to a house in Mid-City, a time (Thursday at midnight), and the ornate seal of the Ordo Dracul.

Upon receiving the message, August confesses that he would like to abandon the Lancea Sanctum and join the rest of his Krewe in the Ordo Dracul. After making it very clear that he would have a hard time earning the trust of the covenant, the rest of the Krewe agrees to take him to the meeting.

Scene Four

The meeting takes place in an abandoned house in the urban sprawl that is Mid-City. There are no lights, and the handful of vampires gathered are careful not to make too much noise. In attendance are the Krewe, Kogaion, Lidia Kendall, and two other neonates (a tall light skinned black man with a shaved head, and a shorter red-haired man, both well dressed.) This is the entire known population of Ordo Dracul in New Orleans.

Upon seeing August, the Kogaion demands to know why a known Lancea Sanctum priest is present. The Krewe explains his intent to defect from the Sanctum, and after renouncing God and the Sanctum August is permitted to attend as a probationary member of the Order.

In the middle of the home’s dining room was a sturdy but rotting wooden table. Atop the table was a clear crystal the size of a fist, and glass jar containing a faintly glowing white liquid. The Kogaion asked if anyone present could identify the items. Solomon and Sebastian were the only ones to speak up, identifying them as some sort of focusing crystal and what appeared to be a kind of ghostly or spiritual ectoplasm. The Kogaion commended them for their knowledge.

The Kogaion then explained that if the covenant were to take The Great Work seriously, it would need a place to safely store and study these oddities and others like them. August was able to convince everyone that he could purchase such a place for Ordo Dracul use, and the Kogaion promptly placed Lidia Kendall in charge of the project as the Academy’s castellan and as the Krewe’s official mentor. She was ordered to instruct them in The Great Work and guide them towards learning their first coil. The other two neonates were given the responsibility of safeguarding the artifacts until they could be properly stored.

In closing the meeting, the Kogaion gave everyone a chance to bring matters of import to the covenant’s attention. The Krewe then explained the mysterious murders and attack against them that happened the previous month, the implication of Antoine Savoy, and Caitlin Meadow’s involvement as the prime suspect. The Kogaion advised caution where Caitlin Meadows was concerned, and adjourned the meeting.

Scene Five

Upon returning to their haven, the night watch informed them that someone had been prowling around the premises and on the roof. The security camera footage was blurry, but the Krewe was able to recognize the culprit as Caitlin Meadows.


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